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The Complete Digital Marketing Strategy Checklist

The Complete Digital Marketing Strategy Checklist

Why, how and what we do as businesses

In his book How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action, Simon Sinek talks about companies defining three things:

Sinek suggests we change the typical order of how we answer these questions when devising our marketing messaging—start with the “why,” then the “how,” and finish with the “what.”  And given the importance of the order in which we address these three fundamental questions, they are added in the top three in the checklist as well.

The “why” question allows us to create an emotional connection between our company and our buyer personas. The “how” question will appeal to our audience’s rational brain and speak to the processes, technologies, or methodologies associated with our business. The how is all about “how” we may do things differently from our competitors. and the “what” is the easiest of the three where we define what our company specializes in? Meaning, what is our niche?

Building your digital marketing strategy requires answering these 3 important questions first and foremost. We have put together a checklist of follow-on questions that will help you develop your strategy or validate the one you already have.

Here’s the full digital marketing strategy checklist for your reference: 

  1. Why do we do what we do?
  2. How do we do what we do?
  3. What do we do as a business?
  4. Who is our buyer persona? Do we have a clear definition of our buyer personas?
  5. Do we know our competition online? Have we performed a competitive analysis online that provides insights into our main competitors online
  6. What is our differentiation? What do we do differently from others that do what you do?
  7. What are the activities, services, or products in our current portfolio that we cannot or do not wish to promote, deliver, offer, or sell?
  8. Are we competing in a very well-known arena where sales will come from grabbing a piece of an existing pie?
    • If so, what are the features that our competition uses to attract customers?
    • What are the features that our customers expect from our product?
  9. Are we offering something that has little competition and requires a new market?
    • If so, what do we offer that others don’t?
    • How do we describe that new benefit or offering that sets us apart from competitors, and that may need some “evangelizing” to resonate with consumers?
  10. What are the goals of our strategy?
  11. What are the core messages and the main idea that we want our potential customers to receive?
  12. What are the channels that we will use for each buying persona?
  13. Do we have a database of prospects and a database of customers that can be targeted through our digital marketing strategy?
  14. If so, where are they and what is required to merge them into one system?
  15. What are the KPIs that we need to measure?
  16. What are the platforms, applications, or tools that will deliver each metric?

Amp up your digital marketing journey 

Our digital marketing experts  have created blueprints for any number of businesses and armed with these clearly defined principles, and a roadmap to success you will have a rock solid foundation for your business growth.  If you need help with this process, just email me for a personal, no obligation consultation at I’m here to help you with your digital marketing strategy.

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