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SEO forecasting generates better ROI

SEO forecasting generates better ROI
Summary: WSI’s SEO forecasting uses data to make growth predictions!

SEO Forecasting improves decision-making and generates better ROI

WSI’s SEO forecasting uses data to make predictions about anticipated traffic levels and the monetary value of that traffic for your business. We can presuppose that past patterns are likely to continue and forecast against that, or we can start fresh and show you the potential conversion value if your site isn’t currently optimized for the things your buyers are searching for.  The integral reason for any digital marketing activity is to drive revenue. If your SEO isn’t driving revenue in a meaningful and predictable way, it will never amount to the prized conversion value necessary to make your business money.

SEO Forecasting is no small undertaking

Being able to accurately measure and then predict the financial value of SEO is not as easy to do as it might appear.  But it is a valuable undertaking and one that should be done by an expert.  We can help you make the most of SEO Marketing in an industry that is relatively young but growing quickly.  SEO [Search Engine Optimization] is the beginning of SEO Marketing.

If you’re already using SEO to increase exposure for your business, it will be important for you to understand how to predict how valuable your SEO efforts will be in purely financial terms.  It’s not about getting traffic alone.  It’s about getting the right traffic from people looking to buy from your business.

So how valuable is SEO?

Even after deep SEO analysis, it can be difficult for some to precisely define the ROI of SEO.

One of the reasons that SEO is frequently discredited is because it’s misunderstood.  Many mistakenly think SEO is of little value other than some brand exposure.

Another reason is that so many digital marketers just don’t believe that there are hard numbers to support the ROI of SEO and don’t forecast ROI for decision-makers. Because of this gap in understanding, a lot of digital marketers don’t make informed decisions when it comes to SEO recommendations.

Decision-makers in turn often see too little value in SEO and, mistakenly, discredit it before they can truly understand the returns it could bring. These thought-processes are flawed and could be costly for the business.

Forecasts will always have some degree of uncertainty due to continuous algorithm changes.  You or your competitors can make website changes, shift overall strategy, or make additional investments.  Any of these factors can change the trajectory of the data, so we can update your forecasts with us periodically to take into account any new trendlines.

Contact Heidi here for a complimentary consultation on forecasting your SEO Marketing.

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