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How Your Business Can Make the Most of These 5 Google Ads Features

How Your Business Can Make the Most of These 5 Google Ads Features

Google Ads is the most powerful, biggest, and most successful online advertising platform in the world. With its numerous features and options, businesses can make the most of their digital marketing campaigns. Paid search marketing experts swear by it for all the right reasons.

Here are five Google Ads features that you should be making the most of for your business.

Track Conversions with More Detail and Precision with Local Campaigns

Data is everything, and when it comes to local campaigns, nothing is more valuable than using that data to track conversions. Google Ads Local Campaigns are designed to help businesses better understand where their customers are coming from and what type of actions they are taking. By using Local Campaigns, you can target local ads to customers in a specific area and track their interactions with your ads.

Acquire New Customers More Effectively Using Google Smart Shopping

Google Smart Shopping Campaigns are designed to help businesses acquire new customers and increase their ROI. This feature uses machine learning to create ads, targeting customers with the products they’re most likely to buy. Smart Shopping campaigns also offer insights into how customers are interacting with your ads, helping you make informed decisions about how to optimize your campaigns.

Google Shopping Listings are Free and Highly Effective

Google Shopping is an online marketplace where businesses can list their products and services, and customers can browse and purchase them. This feature is free to use, and businesses can gain exposure to a much wider audience. Google Shopping also helps businesses get more clicks and higher conversion rates, making it an essential tool for any digital marketing campaign.

Only Pay for Your Conversions, Not Impressions

Google Ads Display Campaigns are designed to help businesses reach a wider audience and increase their reach and impressions. Your business will only pay for conversions when someone clicks on your ad and takes an action, making it an effective way to control costs and maximize ROI.

Use Gallery Ads and Showcase Shopping Ads as Your Secret Weapon

Google Gallery Ads and Showcase Shopping Ads are two of the most effective Google Ads features for businesses. Gallery Ads are perfect for displaying a range of products and services, while Showcase Shopping Ads allow businesses to show more detailed information about their products. Both features are designed to attract more customers and increase conversions.

Google Ads is a powerful tool that businesses can use to get the most out of their digital marketing campaigns. By utilizing the features mentioned above, businesses can gain more visibility and better track conversions. With the right strategy and execution, businesses can see an increase in sales and ROI with the help of our paid search marketing experts.

WSI is the Paid Search Marketing Expert for Your Google Ads Campaigns

There are so many features and strategies to get the most out of your paid search campaigns, and WSI is the expert that can help you make the most of them. We can help you create and manage your Google Ads campaigns to get the best results for your business.

Optimize your ads, get insights and analytics, and let our paid search marketing experts take care of everything from budget to optimizing new ads and tracking conversions. Are you ready to get started with your campaign? Book a consultation with WSI to discover what our paid search marketing experts can do for your business.

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