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Google Ads Merchant Center: What Is It and Why Should I Use It?

Google Ads Merchant Center: What Is It and Why Should I Use It?

When discussing online marketing strategies, one of the most overlooked – yet highly useful – tools is the Google Ads Merchant Center.  Originally launched in 2010, this feature allows you to create robust online profiles for your products, as well as link them to sales via Google Shopping.  For anyone selling products directly online, the use of Google Ads Merchant Center is a must.

Best of all, it’s free.  There may be fees from other associated services, such as Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads, but anyone can freely use Merchant Center to list their products.

Why Use Google Ads Merchant Center?

1. Easy integration with other Google services

The entire Google Ads/Shopping ecosystem is designed around making it simple to integrate and share information across multiple services.  Having your products listed and detailed within the Merchant Center allows you to easily make use of that information in your PPC ads, Google My Business listings, reviews, and more.

2. Simple Google Ads integration

All it takes are a few clicks to connect your Google Ads Merchant Center listings to your Google Ads account, and then the listings are ready to be shared.  You can create ads for products directly, while also gathering data for later analysis.

3. Robust product data sheets

It’s easy to import a huge range of information about every product you offer, with many options for descriptors and fields.  You can take advantage of this to highlight information or features in other services such as PPC ads, or even in other applications such as SEO design.

4. Nearly infinite attribute lists

Merchant Center listings start with a few basic pre-set fields to fill, but this is far from the only information you include.  You can create custom fields covering any attribute of your product you’d like to promote, sort, or classify.  For example, a clothier might want to include information such as size, material, and color, to improve the categorization of their products.

5. Easy updates

You can update your product listings at any time with just a few clicks.  Even if those products are attached to other campaigns or programs, such as PPC ads, every change you make will propagate almost instantly across all Google services.

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