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Get Started with Enhanced Conversions on Google

Get Started with Enhanced Conversions on Google

Are you looking to set up Google’s Enhanced Conversions? This feature can improve the accuracy of your conversion measurement and unlock more powerful bidding. In a competitive SEO environment, Google Enhanced Conversions is one of the most powerful allies your business can have.

If you haven’t set yours up yet, it’s time to hire SEO services experts to get started on changing your SEO strategy now.

Google’s Enhanced Conversions

A customer has completed a conversion on your website, and everything has gone according to plan. But that’s not the end of it. With Google Enhanced Conversions, you may be able to receive first-party customer data including phone numbers, names, email addresses, and even their home address.

This can then be used to enhance conversion measurement, and therefore conversions on your website by using data captured, hashed and sent along to Google.

The Process

Google Enhanced Conversions has two processes, one for web, and one for leads.

For the web, the process looks like this:

  1. A Google user (signed in), views your business’s ad.
  2. They convert over to your website.
  3. Your Enhanced Conversion tag captures their data.
  4. Hashed data is cross-referenced against Google hashed data, and the conversion appears in your report.

For leads, the process is similar, with some slight differences:

  1. A Google user (signed in), user views your business’s ad.
  2. They browse your website, learning about the company and service/product.
  3. They fill in a form (for a free download, subscription, or another purpose), and become a lead.
  4. Lead data is stored in your business’s CRM database.
  5. If and when that lead converts to a customer, you can upload hashed data.
  6. Google will automatically match that data to the original ad that drove the lead to your website.

Using Enhanced Conversions: Two Ways

The two main ways you can use Enhanced Conversions are through the web and leads.


If you’re selling or have other conversion events on your website, you can use Google Enhanced Conversions to collect data about those events. You’ll be able to see valuable insights such as which channel drove the conversion, what time of day it happened, and even the value of the conversion.

If you’re ready to get started with Google Enhanced Conversions for the web, there are a few things you need to do for both web and lead uses. For web conversions, you can set this up manually using Google Tag Manager, by changing your configuration a little bit. If you already have conversion tracking on your site through a Google global site tag, then you can set up Enhanced Conversions through your global site tag. Finally, if you use a Google Ads API, you can use this to set up Enhanced Conversions for your website.


If you’re looking to generate leads from your website, Google Enhanced Conversions can help by sending hashed first-party customer data to Google. This data can be used to create powerful Custom Audiences that can then be used in Google Ads.

If you are looking to set up Google Enhanced Conversions for Leads, there are two main avenues. Google Tag Manager users can set up Enhanced Conversions through Google Tag Manager with a quick change of configuration. Or, if you use a global site tag (no third-party or iFrame, you can set up Google Enhanced Conversions through your tag).

Google Enhanced Conversions Will Change Your Entire Business

At WSI, we are SEO services experts that can implement Google Enhanced Conversions to change your entire business. Call us now at 1 (888) 455-3230 or book a consultation with Heidi Schwende for a Growth Marketing discovery call.

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