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Jenni Kayne

The challenge
Jenni Kayne is a California lifestyle brand that inspires women to live well every day.
Having been let-down by under-performing advertising agencies in the past, they had taken all advertising activities for in-house management. While this increased control, they recognised that they did not have the bandwidth or expertise to unlock the full potential of Google Ads.
After attending our Advertising Greatness conference with Google in Los Angeles, they saw there was a better way for innovation and scaling and chose to work with us.

The approach
Unlocking new ways of layering audience targeting into existing and brand-new campaign types (e.g. discovery, video) was the key to success. We segmented audience groups for different campaign types that are tailored to consumer purchase stages, enabling us to capture new customers on top of retaining existing ones. This made campaign types that were previously unfeasible, such as Video Advertising, feasible!

The results
Campaign ROAS between January 2020 – January 2021:
● Search: 79:1
● Display: 26:1
● Shopping: 21:1
● Video: 11:1
● Discovery: 16:1

As a result of this great ROAS across the board, monthly e-commerce from advertising more than tripled by the end of the year and contributed to an overall record-breaking year of sales..

Winning Audience Combinations
> Luxury Shoppers for DSA.
> Seasonal/Holiday Shoppers for DSA.
> Cart Abandoners for Search, Dynamic Display, Shopping, Video, and Discovery.
> Customer Match for Dynamic Display, Gmail, and Video.
> Past buyers for a new-products-release campaign.
> New Customer Acquisition for Smart Shopping.

It’s been such a great experience. I love working with WSI Paid Search. We’ve gone from search in-house with really no true way to scale and now that we have WSI, we’ve been scaling beautifully, seeing such wonderful return. The team has been so great to work with.”
—Alexa Ritacco, Director of Growth Marketing