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7 Tips to Boost your PPC ROI from a Paid Search Marketing Company Expert

7 Tips to Boost your PPC ROI from a Paid Search Marketing Company Expert

When it comes to maximizing your marketing campaigns, one of the best ways to do so is by investing in pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Unlike SEO campaigns, which can take months to generate organic search results, PPC campaigns can pay off overnight if targeted properly. As one of today’s leading paid search marketing companies, the team from WSIDMINC wanted to highlight some tips to help you get the most returns on your PPC campaigns.

1. Create Custom Landing Pages

Creating custom landing pages for your ads is an absolute must to draw in as many customers as possible. When creating your custom landing pages for your PPC campaigns, be sure to include the right information to guide customers to make a decision, as well as a compelling call-to-action. The design should also be concise and clear, and your webpage should be optimized for all devices, including mobile.

2. Implement Ad Extensions

Another important aspect of getting the best ROI for PPC campaigns is implementing ad extensions. Basically, these are additions to PPC ads that include something more than text, such as your location, call buttons for mobile users, form fields for potential customers to fill out, and more. There are a variety of extensions you can use from Google AdWords.

3. Employ Remarketing Tactics

Remarketing is when you reach out to a potential client that clicked on your ad and visited your site but didn’t result in a sale. You can develop remarketing lists and perform research into the audience segment you’re missing out on and use this information to create targeted ad campaigns directed specifically at them.

4. Employ Responsive Search Ads

Responsive search ads enable digital marketers to create ads that include different headlines and descriptions for Google. The search engine then tests each one and selects the ones that have the best results, weighing factors such as the browsing behavior of users, the most popular keywords being searched for, and the devices your audience is using to search for goods and services related to your industry.

5. Track the Statistics on Your Ads

Collecting customer data is essential to crafting the best targeted PPC campaigns, so you should always be tracking statistics and collecting data from your current ads to be used to hone future campaigns. Some of the most important data to track are the clickthrough rates for your ads, the cost-per-conversion, and the conversion rate. All of this information will enable you to tweak your ad campaigns to generate the best results.

6.  Embrace the Automation!

Automated CPC bidding tactics, supplied by Google, makes paid advertising much easier by taking the guesswork out of setting bids, unlike manual CPC bidding. Automated bid strategies evaluate historical data and learn over time, informing future bids based on their performance. This achievement is yet another sign of Google’s shift toward machine learning. Automated bidding combined with strategic planning, realistic goals and tempting products can bring excellent results to your campaign!

Bonus tip: This is not a set it and forget it. It must be monitored by a human regularly and often!

7.  Improve your Quality Score

Always keep an eye on your marketing strategy and eliminate low-performing keywords; instead relocate your spending to better performing ad groups! Your goal should be improving your Quality Score, since ads with high quality scores get better placement. Keep in mind that factors, such as expected clickthrough rate, landing page experience and ad relevance determine your score. Try new combinations and track results to find out what works the best for your target audience!

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