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4 Signs You Need a New SEO Marketing Company

4 Signs You Need a New SEO Marketing Company

There are few fields as overstuffed as digital marketing. Any wannabe with a laptop can call themselves an SEO consultant, and even seemingly-experienced SEO marketing firms can end up being disappointments. Or perhaps your business needs have changed and your old marketing partner can’t keep up.

No matter the reason, you should always be willing to shop around for a new SEO marketing company. In particular, if any of these red flags sound familiar, it’s probably time for a change.

1 – They only do SEO

Search Engine Optimization is the foundation of nearly all digital marketing – but a foundation should be built upon. SEO-only strategies may work for small businesses with limited budgets, but over time, strategies should be expanded to include social media, video, Pay-Per-Click, and other formats.

If your SEO company can’t offer a full range of services, look for a better option.

2 – They don’t update their strategies

SEO and digital marketing are a fast-changing field. Google alone updates its search algorithms hundreds of times a year, never mind all the new platforms that constantly appear. A good SEO firm must be keeping up with the times. A digital marketing playbook that is more than a year or two old is simply going to be out of date, and likely ineffective.

In a worst-case scenario, they might still be using antiquated strategies that hurt your performance rather than enhance it.

3 – You get form letters, not personalized messages

A great SEO marketing company should be laser-focused on your needs, and that includes their messaging. Most correspondences you receive from them should be personalized, and directly address your company, strategies, and goals.

If most or all of the emails you get from them are form letters, that’s a huge warning that they treat digital marketing as ‘one size fits all’ and aren’t giving you the personalized service that you need.

4 – They emphasize hits or rankings, not sales

SEO is a means to an end, and that end is profit. Frankly, the number of hits your website gets is largely irrelevant, as long as it’s generating sales. In many cases, a strong conversion rate within a small audience is more cost-effective than a popular site that only converts 1% of its visitors.

Your SEO company should be focused on demonstrating how its methods create sales. If they only want to talk about hits, keywords, and rankings, they’re missing the point.

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